Workshop Garage to Deluxe Hang Out Space

Do you wish you had a man cave where you and lads (and lasses too, of course) can play poker without having to be careful of the décor? Something that you can call your own, and let your hair down in? Why not convert your garage into a grown-up version of a den, where you call the shots and control who is allowed in and when? You may think that you do not have enough space in your garage to do this, but a little moving and storage magic can mean that your garage is easily transformed into a spacious gaming club whenever necessary. Even if you regularly park your car inside the garage, you should be able to park it outside for the duration of your poker events, then return it once the game is finished and everything is put away. One good way to maximise the space inside your garage is to invest in some good storage options for your tools. Massive tool-boxes can be great, but they are bulky and heavy which makes them awkward to move and inconvenient to store properly. Instead, opt for a board with nails on, on which you can hang your tools. You can even draw the shape of the tool around it, so they are easy to replace when you are working on a project. Splurge a bit on some trappings for your poker nights: a decent folding card table is a must, as are comfy chairs in case the game runs a long time. You can maybe even find space to fit in a small refrigerator, ready to stock with beers and cold drinks. A word of advice though: best not to have any mirrors in your poker clubhouse – your fellow players might not appreciate the extra eyeline offered by those! Learn some good tips before holding your first event so that you can impress your friends with both your hosting warmth, and your playing skills – even knowing how to shuffle like a professional croupier will net you some admiration. Then all you need to do is stock the fridge and set the date!