Useful Tools For Car Restorations

Restoring a car can be a satisfying experience. However, these essential tools are necessary to help the restorer to bring the project to life:

Engine Hoist

Getting the engine out of large American muscle cars will require a quality engine hoist that can handle at least 2 tons. The restoration of any vehicle will make this essential, as complete overhauls cannot be undertaken with the engine in the chassis.The best hoists use a hydraulic jack to lift the engine, and also feature sturdy wheels and a moveable cantilever arm to enable easy manoeuvring in the workshop.The hoist will be useful later, as refitting the engine after the re-build requires the engine to be positioned correctly in order to ensure correct alignment of the mounting points and drive shaft.

MIG Welder

On any restoration project, it is likely that there will be some repairs to the bodywork or chassis required. A Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welder is a useful purchase, and these can be relatively cheap.Whilst the basic models of welder might be acceptable, a variety of current settings, a gas pressure control and variable wire speeds are desirable to cover any welding requirements on an automotive restoration. Such controllability also makes it easier for new restorers to learn how to weld!

Torque Wrench

When rebuilding engines, it is essential that mounting and engine head bolts are tightened to the correct torque setting in the manufacturers handbook. A torque wrench will apply the correct pressure to these important bolts by simply dialling the required torque into the handle gauge and applying pressure until the ratchet mechanism prevents the bolt being over-tightened.